“Every child should see themselves, their family and their community in a book.”

We see you. We hear you. We tell your stories.

We are Kazoom Kids Books, publisher of multicultural interactive ebooks for children ages 5 – 8.

We fill the gap for parents of color struggling to find quality children’s books that depict the images, stories and experiences of their kids, culture and community.

Our library of digital books features diverse storylines, characters and uplifting messages that instill a sense of pride that stay with the reader long after the pages are closed.

  • Read-a-long-book

    Digital books that provide a fun way to build word/sound development and stimulate language skills.

  • Interactive Books

    Books that allow kids to use sight, sound and animation to interact with enjoyable stories they will love (playable on all Apple devices)

  • Traditional Books

    Books that allow kids to engage with words and pictures at their own pace building a receptive vocabulary.

  • Book Bundles

    Our favorite books bundled together into special collections for boys and girls. The perfect gifts for your early readers!

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