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In 2014, only 5% of children's literature included children of color. Yet our public-school systems serve 40% black and Latino students.

Kazoom Kids is the pioneer multi-cultural digital book publisher for children age 3- 8. Based in Chicago, Illinois, we are well placed to serve culturally diverse schools, both in this great city and beyond.

Our books reflect the images, settings and experiences of multi-cultural families; however, they are not written exclusively for children of color.

Any student between Pre-K through 2 nd grade reading level will be captivated by the lively stories, rich illustrations and positive messages woven through our books.

The Kazoom Kids library introduces children to a range of fascinating subjects and themes including exotic animals, Black history, inter-generational friendship, travel, mental health, women’s history, single parenting and more.

In addition, the digital technology enables kids to use different sensory skills to learn new words and understand new ideas easily.

To purchase Kazoom Kids books for your school or to find out more about our company and services, please contact us here.