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Mystery at Zig Zag Zoo

Mystery at Zig Zag Zoo

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This enchanting mystery about Peanut, the smallest and naughtiest monkey at Zig Zag Zoo, will captivate your young readers and teach an important lesson about thinking of others before yourself.

There seems to be no explanation when things start disappearing and reappearing around Zig Zag Zoo. Maybe it’s a ghost, the zookeepers wonder.

But no, it is Peanut who has found a secret way to escape his cage and get up to all sorts of mischief. Your kids will delight in his antics involving a proud lion and a can of green paint…a blue parrot’s feather and a zookeeper …and of course lots and lots of peanuts!

One night however, the fun turns frighteningly serious as little Peanut is forced to make a big decision that could cost him his freedom.

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